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Get Your Comprehensive CDNA Report

A Collateral DNA report (CDNA report) provides detailed data about the property you are considering. This lets you quickly determine property value using various criteria. Some of the information you'll find on your report from Buster's Capital LLC includes:

  • Sales History
  • Comps
  • Current Listings
  • Information about the Market
  • Schools
  • Impact of Foreclosures
  • Inventory

See a Sample Report

Buster's Capital Property Reports

This complete property valuation is possibly the closest you can get to a true property appraisal without the hefty price tag. For just $35, we take the guesswork out of those tricky situations where you are not sure enough about a potential investment property. This service is available for about 95% of all residential investment properties.

Simply fill out the form we provide, entering information about the subject property. Next, you will need to authorize the payment before receiving a link to your report at the email address provided. The report can then be viewed, saved, and printed as desired. Please read up on the legal parameters of these property reports.

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